KM15 climate module

KM15 low-energy modular construction

The KM15 climate module is currently the most evolved rental pavilion on the market. With heat recovery in the ceiling construction, water-based underfloor heat as well as an insulation thickness of at least 300 mm, the indoor climate is of the highest quality. In many ways, the module is future proof with possibilities such as solar panels. Such an optimization results in an energy-plus module. While the flexibility is still excellent, you also have a say in interior design and facade.

The KM15 Climate Module is of course more expensive than our other products, however, the operating costs are correspondingly smaller. The total cost difference is thereby minimized and for a smaller amount of money, you can buy a product which is even better. If you have questions regarding KM15, you are more than welcome to contact one of our constructors/engineers. 

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