Private nursery – Lemming/Silkeborg, Denmark

Total area: 216 m2. Due to the flexible system from ABC Pavilloner, the structure has been extended several times. Today, the structure consists of five multi-modules including bathrooms, living room, kitchen, depository, and staff facilities. Construction Manager: Peter Nedergaard

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Nursery – Copenhagen, Denmark

Total area: 518.4 m2. The structure is built up of 12 multi-modules with room for three sections. The structure consists of six large group rooms, six quiet rooms, and three children’s bathrooms each with three small toilets and two changing facilities. In addition, there is a large staff room, serving kitchen, kitchenette, office, conference room, meeting room, staff wardrobe with four toilets one of which is accessible. The nursery is constructed according to the Danish temporary building construction. Construction Manager: Dennis H. Vegeberg

For further information, please contact us on phone +45 8681 2630

Nursery – Haldum/ Hinnerup, Denmark

Total area: 610 m2. Integrated institution constructed on a turnkey contract.

In this project, the task was to construct an integrated institution, complete with interior and exterior design.

The structure is constructed in the shape of a star with a light and friendly common room including a kitchen as the central part of the building. To create more quiet space for the individual groups, the group rooms are placed in the wings of the structure.

We have made sketches and final drawings for the structure – in close cooperation with the builder and staff concerning design and daily use, of course.

The delivery consisted of, among other things, soil and sewer work, construction of the modules as prefabricated industrial construction including electricity and plumbing, and lastly tiles, fence, shed, mooncar track, and parking space in asphalt. Inside, the structure is delivered with children’s wardrobes, a kitchen, and fully installed bathrooms with e.g. height adjustable changing tables.

Construction Manager from ABC Pavilloner: Kjeld S. Facius.

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