Our products within prefabricated module- & element construction as well as pavilions is a good and fast solution to an urgent temporary or permanent lack of space.

At ABC Pavilloner A/S, both temporary pavilions and permanent prefabricated module- and element construction is built from robust and sustainable materials. All buildings are constructed according to the customer’s specific needs and wishes, and we do our utmost to advice our customers prior to the construction.

Sustainable products in focus – that’s common sense

Large parts of our building materials are certified with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. The modules are produced in dry facilities and live up to high environmental and chemical standards. For an extended period of time, we have worked on recycling and thereby increased the reuse of construction materials from our modules. “Your choice today means the world tomorrow. Better for the environment. Better for you.”

The construction phase itself takes place at our own factory facilities in the Danish town of Engesvang in the middle of Jutland, Denmark. Here, our skilled craftsmen build the units according to our high-quality standards. Meanwhile, our soil and sewer department prepares the foundation at the construction site enabling us to set up the building within one or a few days. Lastly, we review the finished construction together with the customer before the final delivery of the project.

Today, our areas of focus are:

  • Renting and sale of quality modules used for e.g. office, education, institutions and relocation.
  • Prefabricated sustainable construction on a turn-key or main contract.
  • Production of prefabricated construction units for entrepreneurs.

Our goal is to:

be among the absolute best manufacturers of prefabricated homes and structures for any purpose. Therefore, the company also constantly evolves when it comes to new construction methods, finished products and the skills of our employees.

In order to deliver the best service to our customers, all artisan disciplines are represented as well as authorised sewer, plumbing and electricity. We also employ building constructors, engineers and architects in order to give our customers the best advice throughout the construction process.

We construct buildings that keep the water out and the heat in – on time, at the agreed price.

Module overview

Please contact us, if you wish to hear more about our products within prefabricated module- and element construction on telephone +45 8681 2630 or send an email to info(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)